Contract DSP software development

Contract DSP software development

We are specialized in offshore embedded DSP software development. We offer algorithm and source code development for digital signal processors. Area of our expertise is modems and fax modems, speech processing, telephony, video compression. Though, main our service is contract software development, we offer growing line of ready products for telecommunication. We also have experience in power quality analyzer development and some other industrial instrumentation, utilizing digital signal processing.

Our activity is directed to servicing electronic development companies, interested in contract or offshore software development. For foreign company, specialized in digital signal processing, it allows reduce their development cost. Furthermore, our expertise and line of finished products, allow our customer shorten development time or enlarge their capability by temporary involving qualified professionals. For customer, who are not specialized in DSP software, our service allows obtain power and complexity of digital signal processing, without permanent hiring of specialists in this are.

We licensing line of standard ready products, including modems, vocoder, telephony signalling and other speech and video processing embedded software. They are delivered as off-the-shelf products with documentation and application examples. For customer who is interested in it, we offer integration of our products into customers software or event complete embedded software development, based on our products.

We offer complete DSP software development:
  • Engineering specification formulation
  • MatLab simulation
  • Test vectors and PC testbench development
  • Embedded software development
  • Target platform optimization
  • Documentation and post sale support
We are able to arrange complete software and hardware development, including hardware design, prototyping, FPGA programming etc.

In our development we work with numerous of DSP platforms, first of all Texas Instruments TMS 64XX, 55XX and ARM, as well as TMS 54XX and 28XX, Analog Devices Blackfin and ADSP 218X and several microcontrollers.
Most of our development is done using C/C++ language, with C-level target optimization, assembler optimisation is also possible. All off-the-shelf products have C API or TI's XDAIS API.

If you have a DSP project to design and you need contract software development consultation, do not hesitate to contact us by Email or Skype Skype Me™!.


Added information about:
23.01.10 PLC modem.
14.12.09 Modem V.32 for TMS 55XX.
20.10.09 Speech Coder G.723 for TMS 64XX.
06.07.09 Speech Coder G.729 for TMS 64XX.
15.12.08 Power Quality Meter according to domestic Russian standard GOST 13109.
03.08.08 Decoder AVS for Jazz PSA platform.
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